Minimizing Computer Vision Syndrome

Since your blink reflex decreases dramatically while working at a computer, moisture evaporation from the tear film increases, causing dry eye symptoms. The following will help keep eyes moist and comfortable:

  1. Keep a bowl of water near your desk to humidify the air.
  2. Sip bottled water while you work.
  3. Position yourself so you are looking down at the screen. This keeps upper eyelids low, exposing less eye surface to the air.
  4. Make a conscious effort to blink more often. Try taping a reminder to the computer.
  5. Several times per hour, look around the room at objects of varying distances from the computer.
  6. Take regular breaks away from your desk (outdoors if possible).
  7. To reduce glare, position your computer so windows are at the side of your computer.
  8. Adjust blinds that sunlight is away from your screen and eyes.
  9. Turn off overhead lights that are too bright, or switch to lower wattage bulbs or a desk lamp.
  10. Attach a glare-blocking hood or filter to your monitor.
  11. An eye care professional can prescribe special "computer glasses."
  12. Open a window to let in humid air from the outside.
  13. Set the REFRESH RATE on your monitor as high as you can. For Windows PC, right click on the opening screen (no programs running), then go to 'properties-settings-advanced-monitor-refresh."
  14. Take long, luxuriant showers every day that allows plenty of steam and moisture to penetrate your eyes ("healthy at home = healthy at work").
  15. If you live where the air is dry or polluted, following these tips is even more important.